BTC is a highly regarded China travel agency based in Beijing. We offer a wide array of Beijing tour package , including Beijing day tours, two days tours,three days tours,four days tours,five day tours, Beijing Great Wall Tour , theme tours and guided group Beijing tours.

We also specialize in Day trips from Beijing and Great wall tours to suit your specific requirements. Beijing day tours include trip to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Ming Tombs, Great Wall of China tours , and several other attractions. Besides this, we also offer free travel advice on Tour Beijing to Beijing tourists. You can avail these Beijing tour services either as Beijing tour package or in customized form. We have designed Beijing tour package to cater to your budget, taste, as well as your travel needs. Being one of the most preferred China travel agencies, we guarantee value for money and are known for meeting various requirements of Beijing tourist.
  • Money Back and Value Guarantee

    Money Back and Value Guarantee

    We are confident that we will provide  excellent service standards for all our customers, Value Guarantee We guarantee that our tour packages are the best value for money.

  • Tailor Made for You

    Tailor Made for You

    Tell us what you want and we’ll arrange it by your time and schedule – unlimited changes, at no extra charge.

  • High Quality Service

    High Quality Service

    We’re trying to offer quality service, which can be paralleled to western standard though we’re locally based. Our guides are carefully selected and well-trained, thus, we can guarantee the best possible service.

Beijing One Day Tours

Are you  experience a time-constraint on your holidays but interested in visiting our capital? Here we have design 13 one – day Beijing tour packages, which will help you to see the Beijing highlights, including  the Forbidden  City, Temple of  Heaven, Summer  Palace, the Great  Wall, and the Beijing Hutong. But there’s more, shopping time is allotted into the tours so you can stop at the local market. Our Beijing day tours starting daily .

Beijing 2 Days Tours

Beijing two day tours are also the Beijing Theme tours; including, Beijing bike tours , ski tours, cooking tours, target shooting tours, Muslim tours, and religion tours. Hope those theme tours to suit your needs and adds more color on your Beijing vacations.

Beijing 3 Days Tours

We are offering qualified 3 – day Beijing tour packages with the most favorable price; these tours focus  on the area’s “ must see” attractions. Hence, you can make full use of your time to visit the most aspects of the city.

Beijing 4 Days Tours

This four days tour packages feature the top attractions in Beijing at great value. You can get a panoramic view discovering the old and new Beijing by visiting Beijing hutongs, Olympic parks, the Beijing  Zoo, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Summer Palace, and the Temple of Heaven.  

Beijing 5 Days Tours

Beijing boasts a long history in preserving large historical relics and unique architecture,  all of which are waiting for you to explore. You will be amazed by the ancient Forbidden City. You will be surprised at the joy you get from  hiking the Great Wall, Be immersed in the Imperial  Temple of  Heaven.  Be surprised at the beauty and elegant of  Summer  Palace, also,  you will be taken by rickshaw through the hutongs to experience the old Beijing .  

Beijing Theme Tours

Beijing is such a large metropolis with numerous places of interest to visit. Beijing is known for its never-ending beauty and attractive tourist spots. Beijing theme tours are the best way to enjoy the joie de vivre of the city. Beijing tours enable you to discover the vivacity of Beijing, such as, Beijing bike tours, Beijing ski tours, cooking tours, target shooting tours, Muslim tours, and religion tours. You can also opt for special Beijing tour for visiting museums, gardens, shopping malls, ancient villages. Moreover, you may also opt for weekend tours. We are sure that Tour Beijing will suit your needs and add more color to your Beijing vacations.

China Tours from Beijing

Our China tours enhance you to discover the most popular attractions and the essence of the heritage left by nature and history to this ancient China. Choose an intriguing itinerary from our elaborately-designed China Tours,you will be marvelous by the spectacular scenery on the Great Wall at Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors at the ancient city of Xian, the Li River at the picturesque Guilin and the mighty Yangtze at Chongqing and much more.

Great Wall Hiking Tours

The Great Wall is the most famous attractions in Beijing. Your trip to Beijing would be incomplete without Great wall tours. There is a Chinese old saying, “He who comes to China but fails to reach the Great Wall is not a true man”. Therefore, if you are in China for spending your vacation, do not forget to enjoy the adventurous Beijing great wall tour . Great wall tours offer a wide array of private as well as group day tours including hiking, walking, camping, and trekking. There are many sections of the Great Wall around the countryside. The sections of Great Wall can be divided into three categories – “Formal”, “Informal”, and “Wild”. Below we have highlighted some of the significant routes of Great Wall of China tours .

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